Braindigit Opens Doors for the Investors in Nepalese Stock Market via Nepse App

Posted On Oct 07, 2015

The official mobile application of Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) has been lauched on iOS and Android recently. The app facilitates an easy dissemination of stock market information to its users promoting investment in the stock market.

The official mobile app for Nepse works to fill the gap between stock market and information technology. Not only does it convey right and timely information to prospective investors, but also helps boost the investment in the share market. With Nepse app, all the real-time stock exchange data are right at user’s fingertips. Users can now view live trading and stay updated with news, announcements and events every now and then.

Keeping up with the listed brokers, users are now able to save their information and make an instant call to their preferred broker if they want. The app accommodates index and sub-index summary to acquaint users with the fluctuations of individual companies and details of the companies and traded stocks all along. 

Watchlist is another feature that allows users to add holdings that lets them view the real-time information of the companies the way they want. Instead of scrolling through a large list of companies, users can view all their favorite stocks info at a single go.

Manual calculations don’t guarantee accuracy all the time and at times it’s tedious too. However, calculating secondary and IPO share net gain and loss, amount receivable/ payable, capital gain and broker commission isn’t tough anymore. Calculator in Nepse app will do all the stock calculations.

Offering all the information from the stock market inside your pocket, the app in future will be coming with updates like push notifications for news, announcements, events and market opening/closing.  

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