Braindigit To Host ASP.NET Community MeetUp

Posted On Oct 07, 2015

Braindigit IT Solution is going to host the Asp.Net Community Meet-Up on Saturday, July 18, 2015 in collaboration with Girls in Technology. The meet up is entirely focused on ASP.NET MVC Developers. The IT Solution Company is hosting the event in its own development center.
Asp.Net Community is a User Group of .NET professionals from all around the globe. The community brings together people from different sectors. Designers, .NET developers, IT professionals, Business professionals, startup enthusiast and many others interact and share innovative ideas within the community. Altogether the community has already held 30 seminars since October 14, 2012. The community as of today has organized various programs and seminars across the country in association with MIC Nepal.

Braindigit has been supporting the ASP.NET Community since 2010 in terms of skills and resources. With free giveaways like books, vouchers, Community T-shirts, stationery materials; Braindigit has always been promoting .NET trainings that empower the interested students with the skills and knowledge in the field. The company has created SageFrame as a platform for developers to try out new ideas within .NET language. Developers from the community have added much to SageFrame as to how it could adapt to the needs of today’s technological advancements. The community is growing and so are the ideas that come with it.

Connect with the ASP.NET Community via Facebook.

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