Tech Forecasts for 2016

Posted On Jan 01, 2016
We’ve all heard that Future cannot be predicted, and is rightly so! But, don’t we always find ourselves waiting in anticipation for the New Year, wondering how it is going to be? We revisit the past year, picking out the best and the worst moments, making resolutions, defining our goals once again, and looking forward with hopeful eyes. But wait! Don’t just start contemplating about your year personally, this time, let’s talk about how the year 2016 is going to be in the field of technology. We’ve compiled a few of the trends that, we suppose, are going to take the technological field by storm. 

Let’s find out what’s in store for us this New Year

I. 2016- The Year of Virtual Reality 

In 2016, we can expect to be surrounded, in all dimensions, by virtual reality. Be it the way young children play games or the way we all surf internet, work, or even learn, everything is going to have a new dimension in virtual reality. While virtual reality has already made appearances in 2015, upcoming year is predicted to be the one when consumers will get to understand it up-close and personal. New virtual-reality headsets are expected from major tech companies like Sony, HTC and Oculus.

II. Algorithmic Personality Detection

All of our online activities regarding the websites we visit, magazines we subscribe and the photos we upload, including our social media undertakings can all form our personality. And when it is all stored in the web, simple algorithm can be fashioned to detect probable customers for businesses. It can also be used by customer-based corporations to study demographics before promoting their products. For example, insurance companies might be interested in your personality profile before considering your application for loans. In fact, a study has recently confirmed that individuals with higher GPA have higher chances of paying off debts.

III. Wear your Gadgets 

Wearable gadgets have been in the scene for quite a while, but they haven’t made that much of an impact in people’s lives so far. This is about to change course in 2016. Especially in professional environment, wearable gadgets are expected make their marks. For instance, shipping company, DHL reported that its productivity increased by 25% once smart glasses were put in use. Following similar trend, more companies are going to adopt wearable gadgets professionally.

IV. Faster Smart Phones

5G is going to be the next big thing in the field of cellphone networking speed. At a time when life will only be getting faster, the usual 3G and 4G networks are predicted to not suffice the needs of the crowd. Various wireless carriers like KPN, Ericsson, Huawei and Softbank have already started testing the new 5G network.

 V. Sophisticated Data Protection

With every other personal and household devices getting connected with the internet, there is going to be a huge surge in data. Lot more people are going to get online creating a lot more data. Also, each one of us are going to add more information online, posting more photos, sharing/storing more of our personal stuffs online. All this data needs some sophisticated form of security as well. 2016 is going to be the year when more data protection software and techniques will be introduced and put into practice.
This proves we do have an exciting year to anticipate. It might take some time for us to look back and realize how far have we actually come with regard to technological advancements, but, we certainly are getting much ahead of our times. All the more reason to be hopeful and cheerful; and to welcome the brand new year. Happy New Year 2016!!
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