Putting the Fun back in Function

Posted On Jan 17, 2017
A nine-hour day job is not everybody’s cup of tea. Not everyone wants to be forced out of bed at 7 in the morning by the sound of the most annoying alarm tone (If you think otherwise, just wait awhile). Who likes that, right? And who in their right minds would enjoy commuting during the Kathmandu rush hour just to stare at their screens all day imagining themselves somewhere else? If you do, this post is not for you. Please proceed to another blog titled ‘I don’t know what I’m doing with my life’. But for those of us who appreciate our sanity, work looks like hell.
But what if it there was more to it? Much Much More. Imagine coming to work and actually having fun. Imagine walking through the office door and having a warm cup of coffee waiting for you. Imagine meeting your friends with their cups of coffee waiting for you. That makes things a lot more interesting, doesn’t it? Wait, there’s more. Imagine getting paid for being creative and learning. Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t.
We believe that work is supposed to be more than just keyboard noises and “yes sirs”. Work should be like love — passionate, committed and free. With the right mixture of passion, commitment and freedom of thought, great things can happen. We truly believe that. That’s why we imagine a workplace where people who love to create get to do what they love.
We don’t just say it because we want to look good to future employees, we do our best to facilitate creativity and learning. We like to think along the lines of “what could make work fun or less stressful at least?”. We seriously ask them this question every Friday and the answers are well, weird sometimes. But we try to make sure they are responded to with the most appropriate and satisfying conclusions.
Our fellow Digitons demand and we provide, within reasonable limits that is. Following is a list of some of the quirky asks that have been delivered.
·         Foosball table
·         Table tennis board
·         Carrom board
·         Coffee machines
·         Tea machines
·         Cookies
·         2 DAY WEEKENDS (Yes, Saturdays and Sundays are off)
Going back to the boring aspects of work. Well, let’s call them technical.  Yeah, the “technical” aspects of our work include development in PHP, .Net, iOS, Windows and Android. We do other things too but these are the things that give us a shot in the arm, if you will. Not to mention, we are also great with our designs. Our designers really know their sheet. Don’t just take our word for it. Ask Ncell or Cine de Chef or anyone who’s ever used our services. Well, that’s enough self-glorification for one post I think. But yeah, if you are someone who has the passion and commitment to create and learn and have fun, we’d be really glad to talk to you and allow you the freedom and tools to do just that.
Anywho, the moral of the story is we want to make work fun again. And though know nothing beats Friday evening logouts we envision a work place where the end of the week is only remotely more satisfying than every other day. Bye for now. Peace!
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