Digital marketing: A lot like love

Posted On Jan 19, 2017
Getting noticed online is pretty much the same as getting noticed in person. You need to look good and tell your story so well that the other person can’t help but listen and share it with all his/her friends and their friends and parents and their parents. And when you go home, you send them texts that will make them laugh, make them go awwwww and smile as they think of you over their midnight coffee. And that’s how it all begins.  

But if you want to grow together, you need to tend what you have with love and care every single day of the year. You need to be there for them every time they fall and every time they cry when their favourite Game of Thrones characters die, to tell them every little thing’s gonna be alright. Find out what keeps them up at night and let them know that even though the world is a bad bad place you will be there when winter comes.

Like all relationships, they might get mad at you sometimes because they expected you to do something for them and you didn’t because you’re an idiot. But say “I’m sorry. I love you” and make it up to them. Treat them with laughter; send them gifts and most importantly, be sincere.

There will also be times when others will try to charm their way into their lives. But don’t worry. Stay consistent and keep making them feel special like you always have. Keep talking to them, about your problems, and theirs. Tell them your success stories and what novelty you have to offer. Whatever happens, don’t let the conversation die because it is not the distance that kills relationships, it’s silence.

At this point you may be wondering if you’ve been duped into reading a stupid love help guide and that you’ve wasted 2 minutes of your time. But trust me. You have not.

Digital marketing really is a lot like love. You may think, behind all the clouds of stats and figures, that business relationships are all about profits and losses. But just think for a second about who it is that purchase your services or products and in doing so make a decision to commit money and emotion into them. It is people, some behind suits and some wearing jeans and some in fancy dresses maybe but people nonetheless. And people are emotional beings who make emotional decisions.

In a 2013 article on the role of emotions in purchase decision in Forbes, it was very aptly stated that “Logic is often the last step in the process.  The conscious intellectual brain steps in to produce a rational backstory to justify impulses generated in the murky corners of the unconscious mind.” So, what that helps verify is the popularly held belief in marketing that during a purchase, the heart makes the decision and the brain just steps in to rationalize it. 
In the same article, it is also mentioned that “well over 90% of our behavior is generated outside of consciousness.”
Just let that sink in for a while. So, before you plan a new digital campaign, think of your customers as people, with emotions, who are guided by them. So, treat your people with love and they will love you back. 
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