Who’s Working on Labor Day?

Posted On May 01, 2017
Finally, a day off. Said no one ever.
Although labor day is meant as a celebration for the employees all over the world, not all employees have the privilege to join in on the fun. While most of us enjoy a day off, some of us have to report to work on this day.
While some employers give their workers a paid day off this Monday, some of us will require to work.
Especially us, the employers in IT and security field are the most likely to have to clock in on Monday. We know the struggle, right? Approximately 15% of the IT and Security companies in Nepal are making security and technical employees report to work on Labor Day.
Technology and communication are the most essential these days for most people. When these services fail, it becomes an inconvenience, especially when it is necessary that the service provided remains uninterrupted. So, companies often have technical support and equipment installers/repairers available for 24 hours a day.
So in a nutshell, those us of who are not getting a day off, we’re basically continuing our work to keep the country’s utilities running smoothly on this day. Besides, we’re not the only ones working, are we? So instead of dwelling on not getting a day off, lets encourage ourselves to get through this ‘just another Monday’ Labors Day. Shall we?
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