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Creating digital products &
services that take your business online

We develop strategies to take your business online so that you build lasting relationships
with your customers and brand.

How we do it


Taking Your Business Idea to the Web

Braindigit provides strategic direction to put your business idea on the web.



User based research, Genuine design strategy, Website accessibility and optimization



Web & mobile design, Interface design, Multi-screen design



Web & mobile solutions, Content management, eCommerce solution



Integrated campaigns, mobile, email, video, social and search marketing



Web hosting, System administration, Security analysis

What we do

Enterprise Content Management

BRAINDIGIT specializes in providing content management service. We take care of all your enterprise’s technical needs of managing a website.Read More

Reliable e-Commerce Solutions

BRAINDIGIT also provides an outstanding e-Commerce solution. With our in house application, we have been providing our clients with an excellent solution for their e-Commerce business.Read More

Business Application Development

The competitive market wants your business to present your information to the customers 24/7. Braindigit provides you unique growth opportunities for your business and manage all your business resources on the web.Read More

Smart Apps

BRAINDIGIT provides mobile app development service. In an era where Smartphones are briskly evolving we provide up-to-date mobile app development service.Read More

Latest Blog


Oct 11 2015

Mobile App Development Trends 2015: What you need to Know Now

We are witnessing the biggest change in technology ever – Mobile! It is from the year 2014, when the number of mobile users surpassed the desktop user numbers for the first time in history, as per the report from ComScore, the prediction for upcoming future of mobile is at easy guess. Mobile has already become so much more than just a text messaging center and you are sure to find a mobile savvy person everywhere you look around.


Sep 27 2015

What Does Big Data Hold For Us In Future?

The world is increasingly becoming a digital space. Today we manage share and store our lives online. Data is being gathered from our devices like computers and smartphones that collect and transmit information on what we do. But, that is just the beginning.

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