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The adoption rate of HR software has increased post COVID, be one of them 

HRM software like Pepal allows business continuity despite external adversities. Our cloud-based system can be accessed anytime on any internet-enabled device.


Employees are your Greatest Asset so manage them well

Pepal empowers employees with self-service options. By meeting their expectations, your employees are less dependent on the managers/administrators, thus increasing satisfaction in the workflow.

The increased empowerment and autonomy that Pepal gives makes employees feel more valued. In turn, employees are more likely to pay back with loyalty and motivation, subsequently improving productivity. 


Some of the Companies using Pepal

Get rid of the tedious spreadsheet!

Pepal uses automation to digitize and streamline the overall HR tasks. The scope of our system ranges from document processing, payroll and attendance management, and improving HR efficiency.

Pepal eliminates manual processes reducing the potential for human error. 


Advanced employee management solution for your company

Manage your human resources, business processes, and data efficiently with Pepal. We provide an all-in-one solution for your HRM needs.

Increase work efficiency by simplifying tasks and getting rid of redundant processes with Pepal. Customize your setup according to your operational needs. Pepal streamlines all HR processes into one centralized system and improves accountability.

Effective automation can decrease admin tasks for nearly half (49%) of HR employers and 30% of HR professionals. Pepal incorporates HR automation to help free up HR and recruitment employees from repetitive tasks, improve data security, increase productivity, and streamline analytics.

A diverse and inclusive workspace earns deeper credibility and commitment from their employees. Pepal accommodates employees coming from all social backgrounds into a centralized system. It helps unite individuals to present their best potentiality by bringing them together to function as a single unit.

Pepal is a cloud-based HR Management solution that enables authorized users to log in from any device. To minimize the risk of data theft and unauthorized login, our system is regularly updated with the latest security features that not only keep hackers at bay but also restrict access based on needs.

Recruitment can be more costly than retention. Therefore, Pepal implements three crucial steps to secure employee retention and reduce the turnover rate. Pepal assists by helping businesses recruit the right staff. It also ensures that employees' voices are heard, and the organization acknowledges their work.

Contrary to conventional practices, Pepal enables managers to provide performance counseling as opposed to performance reviews. Pepal analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the employees and provides feedback based on their behavior. It allows managers to consult with the employees about their performance to improve their professional and interpersonal competence.


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