Travel & recreation

Offer Exciting Travel and Entertainment Activities Around the Globe

Provide unique travel and entertainment opportunities for enthusiasts; introduce an array of thrills and excitement for their next travel. Our events directory of over 100+ activities has alluring pursuits for users of all demography.


Digital Experience for Travelers and Fun Lovers

Digitize the travel process by organizing tours, excursions, or choosing an adventure sport to experience the thrill. Using comprehensive mobile for your travel and entertainment needs, you can ensure the fun celebrations of life to the fullest.


All-Inclusive Service for Travel Enthusiasts from a Single Platform

Travel enthusiasts prefer an inclusive platform that also provides leisure, and entertainment activities. To cater to this specific needs of travelers, Ticketnshop offers a wide scope of activities corresponding to their needs inside and outside the country.

Find an all-inclusive platform for travelers and entertainment seekers. Digital travel and entertainment portals enable users to avoid the hassle of browsing multiple apps to find different activities during their travel. They can further obtain services ranging from arranging travel and tours to booking recreational sports and movies.

Over 51% of all traffic to travel sites comes from either a tablet or a mobile phone, making mobile a significant platform for customers in this industry. Ticketnshop is available on IOS and Android stores, and has been providing mobile-based solutions for travelers seeking entertainment activities.

For consumers who frequent business trips or seek outdoor recreational events, travel and entertainment portals can be a very useful platform. Including communication and organization features like the weather forecast, trip and hotel booking system, and event suggestions will improve future travels of such people.

Using big data, travel and entertainment portals personalize the customer’s experience and provide personalized recommendations. It helps the customer save time and money by providing personalized recommendations, in return improving customer relations.

Automation in travel and entertainment systems based on the preferences of the customers can be crucial in helping them save time and money. It can help them find the best destinations, make bookings, and obtain information about invoicing, billing, and other information without having to call an executive or visit a travel agency.

Our unique EMR allows doctors and health officials to track patient data over an extended period. It helps identify and call up patients for preventive checkups and screenings.

Connecting Travelers and Fun Lovers with Service Providers

Ticketnshop is a travel and entertainment portal developed by Braindigit in collaboration with Samragyi Technologies.

We introduce travelers to a wide array of activities from our database consisting of 100+ activities listed by various vendors, organizations, and sports destinations. Our digital directory helps travelers find recreational/entertainment activities according to their preferences in various national and internal destinations.

Grow Your Network with Ticketnshop

Ticketnshop is a central hub for all events, entertainment, and travel related activities. You can grow your network and connect with our customers by registering your event/activity with us.



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