To create an ecosystem of innovative business Solutions for startups, SMEs and emerging young tech entrepreneurs that are simple scalable and affordable

COVID-19 caused the global economy to go on a complete standstill. But parallely it helped business realize the need of digital revolution. In this time and age, tech-dependency has risen to the maximum. Our lives run based on the touch of smartphone screens. In such a high-tech world, businesses are bound to get left behind if they do not seek a digital alternative.


Nischal Pradhan

CEO, Braindigit

We have divided our VISION into three different MISSION

Building smarter business solutions

With the perfect blend of technical consulting and carefully designed cloud-based business solutions, we help companies transform their business to a digital platform. Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and BI (Business Intelligence), we try to solve complex business problems with simple to use solutions.

Educating local resources

Young and innovative minds are the need of the current hour. However, the cost of technology alone -- of products and education -- forbids young entrepreneurs to acquaint with the latest developments. Braindigit recognises the void in the tech distribution process, and thus encourages young innovators, and creators to pursue technology as a career.


Making technology accessible

Braindigit focuses on making technology easily available for businesses.  As a responsible social enterprise, we have devised an ecosystem catered towards uplifting the business operations of local communities, SMEs, and Startups with access to modern technology.

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